Sessions are one hour, one-to-one and cost £50 per session. They are held in our practice room weekdays from 5-6pm and there are limited places available.

These are designed for serious-minded beginners of guitar or bass players who have time to practise every day and want in-depth lessons which cover all the basics of technique and theory, whilst learning how to practise effectively and avoid bad habits.

These are designed for intermediate guitar or bass players who practise regularly and want to start focussing on the details in order to develop their knowledge and/or their creative side.

Unfortunately we do NOT offer tuition for children, young teenagers or groups.

I am an asthmatic so if you are a smoker or live in a house with smokers, then unfortunately we can't work together. The passive smoke on you and your clothes is a trigger.

All bookings paid in advance and non-refundable if cancelled within 48hrs.


We offer a high quality service and can get very busy, so please phone before visiting to discuss the job and book a slot. These jobs are usually turned around within 24-48hrs.

Cost = £30 plus strings. This includes tuning, fretboard conditioning, polishing and minor adjustments.

Cost = £50 plus strings. This includes tuning, fretboard conditioning, polishing, adjustments to truss rod, bridge and intonation. Setups for Floating bridges are £80.

For any repairs or mods e.g. filing nuts and saddles, soldering, dressing frets, minor cracks, fitting preamps etc. try Dean Kelly on 07794941711 in Lytham St Annes or Tony Helps on 07984711668 in Preston.


Have your original material recorded, mixed, edited, produced and mastered here in our underground studio.

This service includes performance coaching, creative input and access to our professional guitars, basses and drums (we have a kit mic'd up so you just need to bring your own cymbals.

3hr slots for £150.

£50 per hour and is not attended by the client.

Book a 1hr session for £50.

Booking times will be arranged for a time when it is mutually convenient.

All bookings paid in advance and non-refundable if cancelled within 48hrs.

I am an asthmatic so if you are a smoker or live in a house with smokers, then unfortunately we can't work together. The passive smoke on you and your clothes is a trigger.

Unfortunately the studio is NOT suitable for children, live band recordings, rehearsals, karaoke/covers/standards, electronic/EDM/dance, therapy/worship, audiobook/comedy/voiceovers/podcasts/adverts, rap/hip-hop & parties.


Guitars & Basses by PRS, SANTA CRUZ, SUGI and STRANDBERG.

Valve amps by PRS and VOX.

Acoustic PA amps by LR BAGGS.

Boutique FX pedals by PRS, J.ROCKETT and others.

Strings, Slides, Straps, Gigbags, Leads and Stands by SANTA CRUZ, ElIXIR, HERCULES, ERNIE BALL and D'ADDARIO.


Enjoy a fresh coffee while you try guitars and valve amps with expert guidance provided about tones, controls and maintenance. Leave with the equipment you have been playing on, confident it is right for you and ready for its new home.

New guitars come with a manufacturer's warranty and our dedicated after-sales service.

Guitars have been professionally setup with upgraded strings.

New PRS guitars recieve a free 6 month checkup with new strings. The custom shop guitars recieve one of these each year for life.

You can pay a non-refundable 20% deposit on a guitar and then collect it after making an agreed number of payments to clear the balance.

If you are considering ordering a custom, the process starts with your vision for a bespoke guitar. The luthiers begin work once the woods have been chosen, the spec sheet finalised and the non-refundable 50% deposit paid. The estimated build times are as follows: SC = 6-8 months, SUGI = 6-8 months & PRS = 12-18 months. We are a registered importer of musical instruments with the UK government. The price we quote you will include all importation charges based on the exchange rate at the time of the final payment.

New guitars come with a years's free access to THE GUITAR PRACTICE subscription service on Substack, which is full of useful technical exercises and articles about theory. If you are travelling to visit us then please make contact to confirm availability, specifications etc. to ensure everything is exactly what you expect before visiting.

If you would like to donate a spare guitar then please get in touch. They are always appreciated. All we ask is that it is from a non-smoking household, that the guitar works and that there are no structural cracks. We are happy to donate the setup, polish and fresh strings before passing it on to someone in need.


If you would like to purchase an instrument (by cash, card, PAYPAL or Bank Transfer) please read these:

Terms, Conditions & Warranty

GDPR Statement


If you are visiting the area and want a pad from which to explore the area and wider Fylde Coast, then contact either Ray Harley at Harleys Reads Avenue B&B in Blackpool on 07957657954 or Mike at The Hollingworth in St Annes on 01253 723971.

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