Here are some examples of PRS, SANTA CRUZ and SUGI orders to illustrate the process from your first choice of wood through to the finished instrument.

After you choose the model and finish you desire from their respective website catalogues, we request a selection of woods for you to consider and discuss pickups, neck carve etc. to ensure your instrument reflects your personal needs. There are certain limitations e.g. you cannot ask the luthiers to make changes to their trademark model shapes and logos.

Once the spec sheet has been finalised and signed off by us both with the non-refundable 50% deposit paid, then it is time for them to work their magical craft. The estimated build times are as follows: SC = 6months, SUGI = 6months & PRS = 12-18months. Instruments are shipped to us for inspection and we will inform you of their arrival so we can arrange final payment and collection.

Prices are subject to the exchange rate at the time the deposit is paid. All imported guitars incur courier charges and taxation from the UK government in the form of Import Duty and VAT. We are a registered importer of musical instruments with the UK government. The price we quote you will include all charges.

PRS Private Stock 7 string

SANTA CRUZ Acoustic Guitar


SUGI Guitar

Santa Cruz Guitar

To see some examples of the unique guitars other customers have ordered, you can visit the CUSTOM SHOP GALLERY on YouTube (for the best quality playback choose the HD option in the settings).