PRS Core Custom 24 Piezo, McCarty Glow
Price £4500
McCarty Burst finish.
24 frets. Humbuckers with 5-way.
Setup instore with Optiweb 10s.
Rosewood board, Maple top, Mahogany neck & body.
Piezo is powered by a 9v battery.

PRS Core McCarty 594, McCarty Glow
Price £4250

Ordered especially for the shop in McCarty Burst finish.
22 frets. Humbuckers have separate volume and tone.
Setup instore with D'Addario XS 10s.
Rosewood board, Maple top, Mahogany neck & body.
Read about the model on the PRS website: Click Here

PRS PAUL'S 40w Valve Amp
Doug Sewell - USA Custom Shop
Price £3250
Silky smooth 40W valve amp.
Separate Gain and Master volume.
Clean/Dirt switch
It does not have an FX loop.
Price includes bespoke flightcase
Optional 2x12 cab is £425.

PRS HDRX50 Half-Stack
Price £3650
50w valve amp with matching HDRX 212 cab.
There are two volumes which focus on the darker or lighter sides of the amp (much like the old Bluesbreakers).
Read about it here: https://prsguitars.com/amplifier/hdrx_100
It does not have an fx loop.

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