We are an official PRS Private Stock dealer. PRS Guitars are renowned for their superb build quality, versatility, sophistication and beauty. This is the range: SE Standard, SE Custom, S2, CE, Core, Wood Library, Artist Pack and finally Private Stock, where the instruments are crafted from the finest woods by same team that works for Carlos Santana. Choose from our stock or get in touch to order one with your spec.

PRS Private Stock Archtop
McCarty Glow
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Price £12000
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Spec: This custom made archtop has a beautiful selection of Curly Maple (back/sides/neck), Bearclaw Spruce (top), African Blackwood (fretboard) and Mahogany (middle). Satin finish throughout. 58/15 pickups. Setup with flatwound 10s but is happy to run round strings. Phase 3 locking tuners with Ebony buttons. Mother of Pearl (the eagle) and Abalone inlays (the fretboard vine). The hard case is Black Paisley.

PRS Private Stock Santana Retro Piezo
Indigo Burst
Spec: Private Stock woods selected by ourselves and Paul Miles. Quilted Maple top. Madagascar Rosewood fretboard/tuning buds/headstock top. African Ribbon Mahogany neck/body. Humbuckers with all the splits and blends with the Piezo system. Indigo Burst magic. Phase 3 locking tuners. Private Stock case.
Price £11000

PRS Private Stock Alex Lifeson
Price £10750
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Custom shop electro-acoustic. Koa back & sides, Curly Maple binding, Ebony board, Bear Claw Spruce top, Flame Maple neck, LRBaggs Lyric and Ameritage case. This amazing instrument was 15 months in the making. It plays with ease after a setup with Nanoweb 11s and has a rich and balanced tone.

PRS Private Stock Custom 24 Retro
Smokey Blonde
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Price £9500

Spec: Madagascar Rosewood fretboard, Curly Maple top with deep carve in Smokey Blonde finish, Ebony tuners, 58 pickups, Mahogany pattern thin neck and Mahogany body. It is a beautiful piece, a pleasure to play and is set up with Optiweb 10-46. The hard case is Black Paisley.

PRS Core McCarty 594, McCarty Glow
Price £4250

This McCarty was ordered especially for the shop in McCarty Burst finish. 22 frets. Humbuckers have separate volume and tone. It is a pleasure to hold and play after a setup instore with D'Addario XS 10s. The Rosewood board has just been conditioned and it is ready to go.
Read about the model on the PRS website: Click Here

PRS PAUL'S 40W Valve Amp
Doug Sewell - USA Custom Shop
Price £3250
Price includes bespoke flightcase
Optional 2x12 cab is £425.

PRS HDRX50 Half-Stack
Price £3650
This superb 50w valve amp with matching HDRX 212 cab creates rich tones from clean all the way up to Jimi's fire. It does not have an fx loop and a master volume. There are two volumes which focus on the darker or lighter sides of the amp (much like the old Bluesbreakers). Plug in and light it up. Read about it here: https://prsguitars.com/amplifier/hdrx_100

PRS CE Custom 24
Price £2450
Professional guitar with a trem. Maple top, Mahogany body, Maple neck and Ebony board. Coil tap on the tone pot. Setup in store with strings upgraded to Optiweb 10s.

PRS CE Semi-Hollow
Price £2500
Professional chambered guitar with a trem. Maple top, Mahogany body, Maple neck and Ebony board. Coil tap on the tone pot. Setup in store with strings upgraded to Optiweb 10s.

Price £2350
Limited Ediiton PRS CE C24 in weathered satin black and a blackout neck. Pattern thin neck. Locking tuners. Coil tap on the tone pot. Includes PRS gigbag. Setup in store with strings upgraded to D'Addario XS 10-46.

PRS SE Hollowbody Piezo
Price £1490
Versatile tones from both magnetic and piezo systems. Easy to play and easy on the back. Set up in store with optiweb 9s upgrade. Includes lightweight hardcase.

PRS Vela
Superb light-weight guitar with a fast neck and versatile set of tones. Satin finish. Strings upgraded to D'Addario XT 9-42.
Satin Black
Price £1450

PRS SE McCarty 594
This is the latest SE McCarty with the Zinc/Brass bridge and LT Pickups. The strings have been upgraded to DAddario XS as part of our instore setup. Includes a PRS gigbag.
Price £1085

PRS SE Pauls
This model has upgraded pickups from regular SEs plus it has two switches to split the humbuckers for increased versatility. Also we have set it up with D'Addario XL as an upgrade.
Price £1025

PRS SE Kestral
Price £1000
Neck-through. 34" scale. Great balance. Versatile tones. Easy to play.
Learn more here: https://prsguitars.com/electrics/model/se_kestrel_2022

Price £1100

Tuned to Dst (or drop C) with D'Addario XL 10-52. Satin Neck.

Price £970

Tuned to Dst with D'Addario XL 10-59. Satin Neck.

PRS SE T60 Electro
Ziricote, Ebony, Mahogany, Spruce, Fishman Preamp, Hard Case
Board conditioned and strings upgraded to Elixir Nanoweb 11s
This guitar has the latest upgraded Fishman Preamp.
Price £975

PRS SE 277 Baritone
Grey Black Burst
Price £885

PRS SE Silver Sky
Price £885
The light blue is also in stock.

PRS SE Custom 24 Lefty, Maple board, Black
Price £875

PRS A20E in Gloss Black
Price £725

Price £675
Includes gigbag. Setup in-store with string upgrade to Elixirs. Great entry-level guitar which shares the ease of playing, versatile tones and balance of the high-end versions.

PRS SE Parlour Electro
Price £575
Includes gigbag. Setup in-store with string upgrade to Elixirs. Great entry-level guitar made from wood and bone, with a low action and full sound.

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