We have a small workshop offering high quality guitar maintenance. We can get very busy so please phone before visiting to discuss the job and book a slot.

Restrings and standard setups are usually turned around within 24-48hrs. More elaborate tasks can take a week or more.

- Restringing costs £30 plus strings. This includes tuning, fretboard conditioning, polishing and minor adjustments. Choose from regular D'Addario or Ernie Ball strings, or pay the difference and choose D'Addario NYXL/XS, SANTA CRUZ or Elixir.

- Setups cost £55 plus strings. This includes tuning, fretboard conditioning, polishing, adjustments to truss rod, bridge and intonation. Guitars with a floating bridge are an extra £20.

- Before arriving at the shop your guitar and case must be hoovered and wiped inside and out, including the soundhole interior.
- We do not work on New, Ex-demo or B-stock guitars bought from other shops. These are covered by the warranties of those retailers.
- We do not sell spares like pots, nuts, switches etc.
- We do not repair structural breaks, cracks, scratches, fret dressing, fretboard replacement, electrical work and paint. For this sort of repair you can try Tony Helps on 07984711668.
- We recommend you investigate How To Restring or Setup your Bass or Guitar on Youtube so that you can appreciate what skills and tools are required and perhaps inspire you to learn at home.