Alastair - I bought my first bass from Guy at LSA Guitars, he cleaned and set it up for me very well, and I've loved it ever since. Every time I've stepped foot in the store since I've learnt something new, and Guy's incredible passion for music runs of on me a little more. His kindness and love to help new musicians is inspiring, even gifting me a pedal, which has now been passed onto another budding band. Would highly recommend, and will definitely be back for my next guitar.

Paul Veever - Called in with my 11 year old, a beginner guitarist, who was looking for his first acoustic guitar. Guy could not have been more helpful. He suggested a couple of models and let Sebastien play and get used to them whilst teaching him chords and scales! He exudes a real passion for the guitar that certainly inspired us. There was never any pressure to buy. I was so impressed/inspired that I decided to start playing again after a 25 year break. We went back a fortnight later where he sorted us out with two lovely guitars and, again, let us play together in the shop and appreciate the different sounds. Thank you, Guy. Sebastien and I are enjoying learning together. A fantastic experience- I would highly recommend this shop!

Gary Wake - Expert knowledge, passionate about guitars with stacks of industry experience. Guy knows what he is talking about and so lovely. He has worked on my 30th anniversary ibanez and my 95 fender American P Bass, would not trust anyone else with that.

Dennis Sinnott - I am very pleased to have found Guy for a teacher. My bass lessons are an interesting and informative mix of practical examples and discussion. He has tailored the lessons to include themes I would like to develop and identified areas for me to work on. The guitar shop is an hours drive away for me and it's worth the journey for enjoyable lessons from a knowledgeable teacher. I always leave feeling inspired to explore the ideas he has suggested in preparation for the next lesson.

David Jones - I called in with a view to looking at a new guitar from the PRS SE range. Met Guy, the owner and explained what I wanted, no problem. He explained that I needed to try each guitar and see how it sounded and felt, so he sat me down and plugged me in. I tried 4 guitars in total and found the one that I liked the best. I spent an hour and a half trying and comparing and getting a lot of tips from Guy. I didn't buy the guitar there and then, but that was no problem for Guy. I did though ring a few days later and reserved the guitar, and collected a few weeks later, when again Guy insisted that I plug in and check that I'm still happy with the guitar, again passing on practise tips etc. Customer service from Guy was second to none, and I'll certainly be going back for all my guitar needs.

Luke Smith - A great help and service, so knowledgable about guitars and answered everything I could have asked for, great service and now my guitar plays like a dream!

Peter Keeling - I went in with an interest in learning and spoke to the owner. He was so knowledgeable and didn't push for a sale. He explained a lot and I found it helpful.....will be back to buy once I'm playing.

Vicky - I have so far bought two left handed guitars for my partner from this wonderful shop and neither of us would go anywhere else. Guy is wonderful, knowledgeable and helpful in every aspect. Always incredible and well priced stock. It's always so enjoyable popping in!

Michael Whyte - Guy has a wealth of knowledgable, and very approachable. I had a full setup done on my Kramer Pacer Tiger he also adjusted my pickups and it now sounds awesome.

Damian Molyneux - Stunning stock and a genuinely helpful and nice chap running it.

Jordan Del Piano - Super knowledgeable, friendly and patient. I came here to get my guitar restrung. He used professional nylon strings, and it was fixed by the next day at a great price. I stayed behind in awe of the collection on display and Guy was more than willing to answer any questions. Giving me quality professional advice and taking his own time out to guide me in the world of guitar playing. Incredible service, awesome shop and I’ll 100% be back to buy my first electric off you! Thanks Guy, and see you soon!

Andy - Fantastic service, very friendly and knowledgeable. He has a really nice selection of guitars, and is more than happy for you to try out an instrument you are interested in, and doesn't rush you or pressure you at all. Just bought a really nice PRS acoustic at a great price and already got a second instrument on the way! Very excited! If your in the market for a new guitar, make sure to give him a look in!

Alan Dimelow - Just like to say. Took my fender strat for a set up. Absolutely fantastic. Plays like a dream. Highly recommend. Really great fella too. Will be the only guitar shop I use now.

JP Rosie - Gorgeous selection of high end guitars, nice boutique pedals and a very informative and friendly owner.

Mark McElroy - Excellent service from Guy who was extremely knowledgable in guitars. What mostly stood out for me was the no rush experience and non pushy approach which made it an experience not just a fantastic PRS purchase. Thanks again.

Mark Halsall - I had bought a PRS Parlour Acoustic in blue and SE Semi Hollow Santana Yellow from a big online music shop and after originally being told 2 weeks leadtime, was later told 4 months for one of them, and the other had been discontinued and couldn’t be supplied. I cancelled my order and stumbled on Guys shop after browsing online. He had the blue parlour in stock so I headed over the next day and bought it. Whilst there, he called the PRS rep and confirmed that he could get the Santana SE in a couple of weeks. 2 weeks later and I had both new guitars :) Excellent service. Great knowledge. Friendly and helpful. I will be using Guy for all my guitar requirements from now on.

James Ingram - Recently had 2 electric guitars set up by Guy. The service was absolutely excellent, the guitars are playing very well and Guy made a lot of effort to explain what he was doing and do the best job possible. Highly recommend!

Kieran - Just moved back to area after 20 years. Needed PBass set up urgently. Found this place via Google, spoke with Guy, took bass down and had it serviced, restrung, pickups realigned, cleaned, truss rod tweaked, action lowered a little. Did everything I needed and more in about 30 mins. Texted me once done so went back to collect. Definitely knows his stuff. Fabulous job & what a nice man, different circumstances I’d have been happy to talk to him for ages,very impressed. Shop and Guy all COVID conscious too so felt safe. Defo coming back again, always great to find a pro craftsman who’s also nice. Happy with price, explained what he did, how to tweak it myself if needed.

Steve Boygle - Bought a new guitar today and could not be more pleased. Guy was extremely helpful and provided excellent advice with no pressure at all. The guitar itself is exactly as described, in perfect condition and well set up as you would expect for such a high-end guitar. Highly recommended. Thanks.

Jim Edney - I'm a lockdown online learner and went to Guy for a good starter acoustic. Came out with a new guitar, a re-strung old guitar and lots of practical tips for how to play better and look after the guitars. If you're a beginner like me don't be afraid to call in and see what's in the shop and pick up some useful advice.

Emily Ward - Really good experience. Repaired my guitar in the time promised and even fixed up my poor stringing and taped up the case - just generally going the extra mile. Would recommend.

Colin Martin - A very pleasant experience. Would highly recommend. Thank you Guy.

Ali Ali Gunia-Keighley - Brilliant service from Guy. Brilliant service from Guy start to finish. Knows his stuff and is always happy to help. I’ll be back for sure

Simon Cullen - Great service from Guy, super friendly and very knowledgeable. Very pleased with my beautiful guitar

Ashley Morris - Extremely pleased with the guitar I have just purchased. Great service from start to finish! Guy was very knowledgable and professional. I will certainly be back in the future! I would highly recommend! Thanks Guy!

Mark Brown - I recently purchased a acoustic guitar from Lytham St Anne’s Guitars. I was staying in St Anne’s visiting my father, and I knew of the shop from passing by on previous visits. What I didn’t know was how knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and helpful the proprietor Guy is. He stocks some beautiful and exclusive guitars and is more than happy to provide in depth details about every one of them. I had not planned on buying a guitar during this visit, and there is absolutely no sales pressure on the customer. I simply fell in love with the guitar Guy had in stock and I had to take it! Guy also had my Telecaster serviced with a very quick turnaround time due to my schedule and did a great job with it. It plays better than ever now! Shops like this are a real rarity with most retailers being big shops with staff who are not really interested or knowledgeable and are only really interested if you are spending your money. I can only say great things about my experience when purchasing from Guy. He’s a real gentleman, a font of knowledge, and a great guitar player too. I will definitely be doing business with him again in the future.

Lawrence Foster - Mine isn't a very expensive guitar, but its MY guitar! It needed a bit of TLC, but it was TLC of a technical nature, so I wasn't going to do it! Nut, neck, saddle replaced or refitted and aligned, beautifully cleaned, plus some great advice re strings and frets. It plays so much better! Thanks.

Jim Heys - Had my guitar restrung a few weeks ago and while there spoke to Guy about a new Martin, which I subsequently purchased last week. Very pleased with guitar, excellent service and at a great price from Lytham St Anne’s Guitars. Had my Taylor guitar restrung and few alterations. Much easier to play now, very pleased with work.

Mike Timmons - Very friendly and knowledgeable owner who set up two guitars for me and did a first rate job. Some beautiful guitars in stock along with good quality standard instruments and a keenest for the business that is very infectious.

Jack Owen - A very knowledgeable and honest Martin guitar expert. The best service on my favourite guitars I've ever had in 40 years. A top class shop brilliantly run for customers benefit.

Brian McDonald - Great guitars at great prices.

Michael Hayes - I have bought two stunning guitars from here for my collection and can honestly say that the service received, quality of the guitars and the knowledge and attentiveness of the proprietor were first class. I would definitely recommend and will no doubt be visiting again very soon!

John Nicholson - Nipped in with my Gibson custom after its high e string was choking out on the first fret. Had a great chat with the very knowledgeable owner and left it with him for a truss rod adjustment and setup. A couple of hours later I had the guitar back and the issue rectified. Great customer service and I’ll definitely be returning. The shop also has a great collection of guitars for sale, be sure to visit if you’re in the area.

John W - Excellent service from an engaging and knowledgeable owner who really shows an interest in you as a customer. Would recommend!

Tom Gifford - Warm and friendly service, excellent quality stock. I have had two guitars repaired here, both were fixed quickly and very satisfactorily and at a good price. Highly recommended

John Cole - Just had my guitar serviced and restrung. Its playing and sounding better than ever. Great service from a passionate and knowledgeable owner.

Kate Eggleston-Wirtz - I had two guitars needing attention as they had sat for a long time without being played. One was a vintage guitar over 100 years old. Personable staff took time to explain what needed doing. Both instruments came back very quickly and are now able to be played. Very excited. Thank you.

Stephen Maguire - I had the specific requirement for a PRS Martin Simpson Private Stock Angelus. There was only one available in the UK at the time, although a couple of dealers offered me "made to order ££". I rang Guy, who was advertising a 2011 model in immaculate condition, one very careful caretaker owner. Guy offered to hold the guitar for the following week to allow me to get to Lytham. In the meantime he sent me videos and pics, no hard sell, just being very helpful. I was impressed by the guitar, the price was right, and I went to check it out. The shop immediately indicated to me that this is the sort of outfit I was happy to do business with. High end guitars, plenty of quality accessories, good studio for trialling. The instrument was second to none, so deal done. Cheers Guy, I'm still v happy.

Rob Sandy - Brought my Ibanez S Series in for a clean up and restring and now it looks, sounds and feels brand new. All round great guitar shop, support your small local businesses!

Sam Clark Music - The best selection of guitars, curated by a 10th dan guitar ninja. Extremely professional and efficient service. Lovely bloke, amazing shop. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Kevin Nicholls - Really pleased with the setup Guy did for me on my PRS, couldn't be better. Not only the setup, he's very helpful by explaining the reasons why. Nothing is too much trouble. I have no problem in recommending him to anyone. Guy was more than helpful at helping me pick out a guitar that was perfect for me.

Doug Long - Did a great setup job on my Martin, made it playable! Good service, knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. No doubt I'll be back!

John Bailey - Guy is a super experienced chap with loads of good advice for all levels of player. Super easy to deal with and he only stocks stuff which he'd be happy to use. As a professional touring guitarist it's great to have a shop like this just down the road.

Kevin Berry - I've dropped in a few times over the past few years and decided that the time was right to check out Laney valve Amps and Analogue effects. Guy is a real enthusiast rather than just a retailer pushing sales. Customer service was spot on with regular updates by email or by phone on how my orders were getting on.
Pricing is competitive with the big mail order companies and when my orders arrived, Guy demonstrated these products which gave me confidence in my purchases. I would definitely recommend it and would shop there again in the future 👍

Barry Howarth - I bought a cheap Strat copy from Guy some years ago when I arrived broke from a messy divorce and was impressed with his knowledge and care. I now live in Spain and had stupidly dropped and smashed the headstock of a beautiful Epi Riviera. The locals in Spain pronounced it unrepairable so when I returned to Lytham thinking of selling the bits Guy asked to have a go at a repair. I am now seriously happy with a truly unique Riviera sporting a discreet "bandage" around the top of the neck but still making me sound like Scotty Moore. The price for the repair was fantastic! I highly recommend this shop to anyone from a beginner to a player. St Annes is fortunate to have such a great shop with such great service.

Andy Gregson - Great service from Guy who is a really nice chap and very knowledgable about guitars. Took my guitar in for a set up as wasn't happy with the job done at another local shop - came back a totally different guitar with really low playable action. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Guy who is more than happy to spend plenty of time with you as a customer understanding your requirements.

Mike Black - Guy is a very friendly & knowledgeable man. Nothing is to much trouble and his work is of the highest quality. For all things guitar he is the man to go even for free advice. Good range of guitars & accessories.

Joanna Griffin - Absolutely fantastic! He really knows what he is talking about and it's obvious how much he loves what he does.
Really helpful and friendly, cannot recommend enough!

Graham Noble - Took a bass into guy to get set up. Guy listened to what I wanted and advised an appropriate path. I wanted a set up for C- standard tuning, he advised on the correct strings and ordered them in for me, not just what he had in stock (like some other shops) Good value and great service.

Connor Mulvey - Brilliant service, my guitars have never played so well!

Mark Bonney - A1. Best shop around fantastic service.

Michael Whittaker - Took my guitar in for a service and new strings as I am a new player and was clueless! Guy was incredibly helpful and friendly and gave me loads of advice and tips. Will definitely return and recommend to friends

James Hunter - I have always bought my guitar strings from here and just recently bought a new guitar as well. Amazing quality, very reasonable prices and very knowledgeable, and will help you for anything you may need. Would recommend to anyone.

Julie Harvey - Guy has been brilliant over the years. The shop has a superb stock of guitars and accessories. He always has time to chat and advise and I have no hesitation in recommending him highly. He's also an amazing guitarist and musician.

Steve McCartney - Thanks for the setup on my Peavey 5 string Bass - it feels like new and practically plays itself. Perfect for a few projects I'm working on. Great job, great price.

Clive Lawrence - I recently took my son into this shop to get a new guitar. Although he wasn't sure what he wanted, Guy, took the time to demonstrate and explain a range of guitars before we found and settled for the one that was perfect for him. I would recommend Guy without hesitation. Thanks Again.:)

James Boothman - I have purchased an outstanding guitar etc the advice prior to buying, the service and support have been second to non.

Joni Fuller - I've always had excellent service from Guy at Lytham St Annes Guitars who always goes out of his way to help. I recently bought a pristine Gordon Smith guitar and am really happy with it... It's fantastic to have such a great local service and I never hesitate to return!!

Alan Bates - With a great selection of quality instruments to drool over Guy also finds time for everyone regardless of ability and always ready to offer help and advice.

Michal Sochor - Hi, I have 2 guitars for this shop and I'm very very happy, good price and best quality.

Adam Bromby - Guy is a very friendly and approachable owner. His knowledge is second to none and I couldn't be more happy with the experience I have had buying from him.

Martin Benson - Can't recommend Guy and his place highly enough. You will be sold what you need not what costs the most, that said if you want something special he has that as well.

Mark Holton - A superb shop, whenever I walk in Guy is genuinely interested in how I'm getting on with Music.

Roger Cartwright - A great selection of Martin acoustics, so good in fact that I invested in one 6 months ago and have not stopped playing it since! Guy certainly knows his guitars and will definitely find the right one for you whether you have a tight budget or otherwise.Highly recommended!

Guy Haythornthwaite - Absolutely fantastic service. Great product range and so much knowledge which Guy shared enthusiastically - answering all my questions and more besides. I was able to relax and take my time choosing my new guitar and trying others - which means I'm now totally thrilled with my purchase, the perfect one for me! Great aftersales service and always a friendly welcome when you need advice.

Vic Heaney - I am really pleased that I found St Annes Guitars when I returned to Lancashire after 57 years away.

Dawn-Sarah Lucey - From the experience of a complete beginner, Guy has been a font of useful information. He has guided my purchases and always been happy and helpful. In fact I think so highly of his opinion, his customer service and his fair prices that I travel over 200 miles to buy from this amazing place.

Mike Alexander - Nice guitar shop and very friendly service. Very helpful via email answering all questions before I even travelled to the shop which made the whole process even better. Ended with me buying a guitar that I am very happy with.

Steve Hackett - Just loving my new guitar and amp, Great personal service and a great deal....Ill be back soon!
Thanks Guy!!

Ahmed James - Very friendly service entwined with a great deal of knowledge of music and advice for amateur musicians.

Jack Twiss - Excellent shop. I'm yet to walk out of the shop without learning something new.

Owen Brown - Friendly service and high quality instruments.